About us

Quantum AI Canada is the culmination of efforts from a team of seasoned traders and leading AI experts, aimed at crafting a superior trading platform. Our focus is on delivering exceptional accuracy and speed in trading.

We're united in our mission to shape the future of trading.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to create a trading platform that sets new standards in terms of accuracy, speed, and profitability. Our team brings unique insights into the financial world. We’re dedicated to staying ahead in the industry, constantly integrating the latest in AI technology and financial trends into our platform. Our goal is to merge the precision of human expertise with advanced machine intelligence for a revolutionary trading experience.


July 2021


Quantum AI was established with the ambition of transforming the AI-driven trading industry.

Nov 2021

Securing Key Funding

Our project received a significant boost with $5 million in funding, facilitating further development and team expansion.

Apr 2022

Beta Phase Rollout

The beta version of our platform was released, inviting user feedback to refine and enhance our services.

Oct 2022

Launching Across the Nation

Quantum AI’s platform was launched, bringing our state-of-the-art trading technology to users, and marking a major milestone in our journey to revolutionize the industry.

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Unlock the potential of next-gen asset trading with Quantum AI Canada. Our platform blends cutting-edge artificial intelligence with extensive data analytics, providing you with superior trading tools. Get ready to navigate the markets with precision and skill.